Products: Parts & Accessories

Parts and Accessories

Here is a list of all parts we may provide for you, along with their cost. Feel free to contact Troy for all your supplies needs! We can ship or deliver at your cost, or we are happy to arrange a pick-up time at our location.


9 Notch Bracket $11.62
Bracket Pins $2.05
Bracket Pins-Stainless Steel $3.93
Cable Call for pricing
Chucks $7.56
Wedges $3.15
Chuck/Wedge Set $10.71
3/8” Chuck/Wedge Set $6.90

Products (cont.):

Complete Post $29.41
Plain Post $11.56
Post w/Cap or Dipped $12.39
Post w/Cap and Dipped $13.09
Turnbuckle Set $82.53
Turnbuckle Set w/o Plain U’s $68.17
U-Hook w/Chuck & Wedge $16.40
U-Hook w/Chuck (no wedge) $13.25